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Hi Erica

What kind of surgery are you having?? Im 40 year old female and also have a physically demanding job that I love. I injured my self at work last March. Never having back issues before things turned for the worse very quickly. I had bad left leg pain with sciatica, loss of sensation in my skin, numbness and tingling in my entire left leg, and flexing my left foot was very difficult. I had horrible pain 24/7. Mine was also a workers comp case so had to go through the hoops as well. Started with physical therapy, chiropractic, accupucture, 3 epidurals, more PT with no relief. I was devistated being so active to being in bed because everything was un bearable! I was on pain meds which gave no relief and nerve blocking meds for the numbness and tingling also with no relief and Ambian i sleep. Of course the depression was worse than the injury, and thought how can i get through this my life is over. I never even took any type medication let alone vicodin, percocet, etc.

Im 5 weeks post op from microdisectomy with stem cell replacement on my L4/L5/ S1 nerve root. I am still havin good days and bad days with recovery. One day I feel great and next I ask myself what have I done! But I can walk alot better, im getting movement back on my foot, and numbness and tingling are better.
I do still have sciatic but way better than before. Dr says this is all part if healing.

Back surgery is a very difficult decesion anyone who has had it will tell you that. I hope mine is sucessful. I will say everyone heals different so don't get to down if your's is slower than others! Try and stay away from reading alot of negative posts on surgery . I did that with every little pain I had and I would try and self diagnose myself!!! I learned my lesson not do that.

No one really addresses depression. Mine was bas before and after my surgery. I went to talk to a counselor. This type of injury and surgery was a life changer And I was having diffficulty coping. But that is expected! I wonder how many times i cried my self to sleep... But talking to someone helps and workers comp will take care if that for you!

Please keep us posted! Research your doctor and get more than one opinion. I saw 3 different Dr. And don't rush recovery take the time to heal which is hard i have been off work for 8 weeks now ugh! But i get ! You really understand the term one day at a time!

Okay Im done rambling, but sharing my thoughts!!! Good luck!


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