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Hoping someone can shed some light on my MRI results as I do not go back to the nero until the 19th. I have had a long history of lumbar pain and conservative treatments last was epidural 2nd one in a round of two started in may went in AUG for a second one and worked for a week. My back "went out" on that Friday and after that I have been presenting with acute right leg pain and numbness. The Nuro ordered a new MRI below is the findings!

Thank You for any and all help. Is surgery a good choice I'm at my end and do not want to take anymore pain medication!!!! UGH! I have tried everything over the years prolo therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, epidurals pain management and so on.

MRI: Way to much to type so this is just the impression:
I will type the L4-5 findings as I think this is the cause of my leg pain and numbness.

L4-5: There has been development of a large right paracentral disk extrusion which extends cephalad. The extruded disk measures 11mm in transverse dimension, 7mm in AP dimension and 2.3 cm in cranial caudal dimension. The extruded disk extends along the prosterior aspect of the L4 vertebral body with significant narrowing of the lateral recess. The disk is in closeproximity to and likely contacts the exiting right L4 nerve root as well as the passing right L5 nerve root. No defined foraminal stenosis is identified. There is effacement of the rightward aspect of the thecal sac with moderate canal stenosis (AP diameter 6mm) There is mild narrowing of the leftward aspect of the thecal sac (AP diameter 9.5mm). There is mild degenerative change of the left facet joint.

1. Development of a 2.3-CM right para-central disk extrusion at L4-5 which extends into the right lateral recess and along the posterior aspect of the L4 vertebral body. There is moderate narrowing of the rightward aspect of the thecal sac at this level. The disk likely contacts the exiting right L4 nerve root and passing right L5 nerve root.

2. Stable degenerative disk disease at L1-2 through L3-4 and at the level of L5-S1. There is no evidence of lumbar canal stenosis at these levels. There is mild narrowing of the the left neural foramen at L2-3.

3. Stable mild dextroscoliosis centered at L2-3.

4. Stable grade 1 retrolisthesis of L5 in relation to S1.

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