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Thanks for your explanation! It does feel like bone aching when I turn at the waist & then when I bend over my muscles start to spasm. I am in the middle of some major dental procedures right now and had a 6 hour session the other day & it was agonizing. My doctor tried to get me in for an epidural before the procedure but my insurance company had other ideas-we couldn't get the MRI done fast enough to get the approval before my procedure.

You have a good memory-I am not suppose to take NSAIDs or oral steroids so right now the doctor is recommending the epidural and an increase in my pain meds.
He has changed my epidural next week from a lumbar to a cervical because he feels like my neck and head pain is a higher priority than my back. To me it is pretty much a draw......

My leg pain just started the last couple of days. I haven't even told my doctor about this. It starts in my left hip and shoots down the back of my left leg-it's kind of a burning pain. It hurts more when I walk or bend, less when I lay down.

I know this sounds crazy but I have so much going on that I hate to keep complaining to my doctor about so many different areas of pain. He is wonderful but he has been having to spend lot of time dealing with all of my doctors lately, not to mention my insurance company who must be auditing me or something-they are requiring him to call & consult on every medicine I am on (about 20 in all)!

I have 3 days of treatment this week-one day of plasmaphersis, followed by two days of IVIG and all 3 days will require long periods of lying on my back at the hospital. I know it is going to be painful!

Again, I am sorry for the venting but I am in so much pain right now and I am trying not to increase my oxycodone-why, I am not sure......

Thanks so much for your help, it is much appreciated!!


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