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Right Side Pain?
Sep 29, 2013
I can't figure out what's wrong with me. I started yesterday having pain in my lower right back. If I sat still it was fine and didn't really bother me. As the night went on it started to make me feel nauseous and got a "tight" feeling. I went to sleep and this morning I was okay, I could very slightly feel it. Well the second time I went pee this morning it came back! AND I've had to pee a lot/had to feel like I constantly have to pee. Now the tightness is really strong there and it sorta feels like it connects to my stomach if that makes sense. I'll have pain there when I move and I've had some all around the area, even some on my left side but not much. I've had UTI's all my life. They barley show symptoms anymore.. But I've had a kidney infection before also, which hurt no madder what I did and I had to go to the doctor ASAP. I rarley get fevers also, I don't even get them when I have strep. And I'm constipated now, but hadn't been prior to the beginning of the pain. About 6 weeks ago I went to the doctor for the same thing but I went before it was this bad. No sign of UTI or STD. They gave me a TON of antibiotics (two different pills when I was there and a shot, one prescription) and sent me home. They didn't do any kind of scans though. Any ideas? I'm just waiting to go back now, but if its bad I'm scared its going to get worse.

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