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- Back of thigh, hamstring, 3/4 down and slightly towards the outside. About the size of a hand in spread. This one is really persistent and is the 1st one to manifest when sitting. It was also my 1st symptom. I didn't even have SI joint pain when it started 3 months ago. I thought I had pulled a hamstring.
- Calf muscle. Usually lower gastroc. Sometimes spreads to almost back of knee.
- Upper hamstring, slightly towards outside. Usually when I've been standing long.
** If I had to qualify the pain it would be like a biting pain. It's sharp and deep. No pins & needles. No throbbing. It doesn't shoot/travel like sciatica. It feels like separate areas of pain that come all together. My leg is also unusually stiff (for me anyways). If I try to stretch it out it sends a bolt of pain to my butt.
- SI Joint itself. I can put my finger on it, literally, and it feels like poking a bruise.

The only thing that makes it better is lying down flat. Or anti-inflammatory. Even lying down with bent knees will eventually reproduce the hamstring pain. I sleep on my side with a big pillow between my knees. The SI joint pain waked me up at night.

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