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10+ years of dealing with this and my pain is up to 7/10 or 8/10 at times.

I have pelvic pain pain and numbness, sexual dysfunction, severe lower back pain, and some tingling in the feet.

I had a MRI and a CT scan done recently. Results:

There are mild posterior annular degenerative changes. The disc is intact. The spinal canal and neural foramina are adequate in size. The L4 and L5 nerve roots are free of compression at this level.

The disc is moderately narrowed with internal dehydration changes. There is a small left paramedian subligamentous disc herniation, non neurocompressive. The central spinal canal is adequate in size. The L5 Nerve roots exit through the neural foramina without compression. No significant retroperitoneal abnormality is observed.

Ct Scan-

Disc bulge

Minimal central canal stenosis. Posterolateral disc bulge and mild accompanying endplate spurring is present. Subtle asymmetric prominence in a right paracentral location contributes to lateral recess narrowing with unclear effect on the traversing right L5 nerve root. Mild facet arthrosis present bilterally.

Any advice? Monday I am gonna get scheduled for a disogram, but Im not sure what good is it gonna do me. I think I might contact the laser spine institute about a laminectomy- which they can minimally invasive surgery away any disk material bulging, osteophyte removal, and remove the the abutment of the s1 nerve...

Sick to death of this pain!

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