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Re: Mri findings
Oct 23, 2013
Overall, these reports show widespread degenerative disease in the lumbar spine from L2 down, the worse appearing to be at the bottom level of L5-S1. The good news is that there appears to be no severe nerve root impingment, however, when listhesis (slipping forward or backward of one vertebrae on another) is present, the picture can change when you are upright vs lying flat. These findings must be coorelated with your symptoms, as far as what treatment is required. I would suggest if you have severe sciatic pain when upright, you might want to get an upright MRI, as the picture can be quite different in the position of pain and weight bearing. Your neck shows 2 level disease, and might be managed conservatively for now. These changes are part of an arthritis process that occurs with age, trauma, and hereditary tendency to degenerative spinal disease. Reducing pressure on the lumbar spine by keeping weight down, avoiding heavy lifting and long nperiods of sitting and standing can help slow down the process. Not fun to live with!

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