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I'm having a spinal cord stimulator trial done in December. Does anyone have a spinal cord stimulator? What are the pros and cons? Has it helped or made it worse?
Hi ive had a stimulator for about a year it works well on the pain from lower hips down to my feet but it does nothing from the hips up which is were most of my pain is.I must say I like it. But it did take some time to get used too. Good luck
Thank you! Majority of my pain is in my lower back but I also have nerve damage all the way down to my foot. Where is yours located? Is it noticeable and do you have any problems with charging it?
Hi first I want to say charging the stimulator is so easy I just put the charger on the battery and lie down on it and in approx an hour later I'm charged and ready to go.Ive had five surguries on my back and I'm in constant pain but this has helped my leg pain but not the back.I think its a smart way to go cause if it takes your leg pain away its worth it.
Good luck keep me posted allie
I to am trying a spinal cord stimulator in Dec. a Boston Scientific. I am still not that sure about it but, well I am at that stage where pain management is all I have at this point. I am still hopeful that this will change, but right now I just have to have to try something for relief from this constant pain. Down both legs, with nerve damage. I have also had a 3 level cervical fusion. My entire spine has stenosis. I wish you the best of luck, and let us know how you do.:angel:

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