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I woke up December 8, 2010 with a serious knot in the middle upper part of my back. originally diagnosed with X-Ray to be thoracic outlet syndrome given some hydrocodone and sent to physical therapy. during the 5th visit, third try of traction therapy, I felt/heard a large pop and hit the button stop stop the machine. my neck started to hurt and they massaged it and gave me more exercises to do. my neck pain got very bad that night and I am almost 3 years later with two fusions in my neck and nothing done to decrease a narrowing in T3-T4, being told that nobody works on this disc u less its can er, life threatening, etc.

The next morning I had continued increasing pain in my neck and my middle back pain had Ben getting worse throughout physical therapy. I called PT the morning after the POP and they had me come in at a sooner time. When they tried to help, they resigned and said this problem is not likely thoracic outlet syndrome, gave me soft tissue massage that hurt, and gave me a script to see the orthopedic surgeon the same week. My pain medication was doubled yo 10 mg hydrocodone 4 times a day. I continued to work and my pains got varied and much more intense.

Scheduled for surgery my first doc/MRI found herniated discs in my neck C5-C6, C6-C7, and fusion surgery was going to fix the high level of pain I was in. post surgery was brutal with pain meds I had and within 2 months I degraded to crying constantly, failing to handle the high level of pain. they increased the medication to every 4 hours, but that barely helped. constant appointments and calls regarding them pain level, got me pushed to a pain management group from ADVANCED PAIN MANAGEMENT.

With the pre and post MRI imaging, he felt nine tions would help immensely with both T3-T4, and the fusion that seemed to fail. Antidepressants from psychiatry was almost worthless. after many injections a referral to another surgeon for both T3-T4 narrowing, and the fusion in my neck to see what he sees.

The fusion was a failure and T3-T4 is narrowing dangerously close around my spinal cord. So a real vision surgery would fix the pain in the neck, the pain in T3-T4 would be addressed after the revision surgery to try to get the fusion to work.after surgery, within 4 weeks, my neurosurgeon said there's nothing more he could do and sent me back to pain management. more injections, slight lowering of my pain meds which now was 4 oxycodone a day with 10mg oxycontin twice a day. unbelievably painful post surgery recovery, led to a decision to raise medications slowly through the summer yo 90 mg oxycontin a day and 60 ng of oxycodone a day with a bit of success but slow and tedious.

Being told there wasn't much more I could do or any other medicaion that would help, I decided to go to another pain clinician and stop going to ADVANCED PAIN MANAGEMENT. I was out of medication, decided to take his advice because he assured d me there is an solution for me if I decide to give up my pain doctor and switch to this new pain doctor. I was told that methadone, and oxycodone, would be a huge improvement in my life. the first day I took this regiment of 3 methadone 10mg a day and 4 oxycodone for quick relief, my pain level got unhandleable and I called both the nurse and nurse assistant and left a message. I called my pain psychologist to get help because my pain level was skyrocketing. nobody called me back and by the second day I found out that my pain doctor was on vacation and a medication can only be adjusted by the doctor, who was gone for another 8 days. I was in so much pain, my psychiatrist suggested I try to give ADVAMCED PAIN MANAGEMENT a call and just explain the situation and ask if they would consider trying to help.

It took a week and the methadone in found useless but then I found I had to eat 12 oxycodone, 2 every 4 hours to help until I got back to my original pain doctor..they switched me to oxymorphone 10mg, and 10 mg oxycontin, took the 80 methadone I had left, and I was out of oxycodone. the oxymorphone did help a bit better than the oxycodone, but the pain was still high{I'm so sorry}. so the oxycontin was doubled to 20 mg 2aDay, and the oxycodone was brought down to 3 a day, 10mg. My pain was back to a large struggle, and after 5 weeks, I was calling every few days, trying not to just eat two instead of one. but the 5th week, I was in so much pain, I unfortunately increased my intake of the short term, and ran out a few days early. I called every other day to impress upon them I'm struggling horribly, they scheduld me to the day my MDS should both be finished. I ran out of oxycodone 3 days early, and then took the oxycntin to 4,5,4 leaving none left when I cane I. for the instants and talk about solutions. Instead of not telling them, I was honest about being out of both meds although I should still have approximately 9 or 10 left, but I expressed I didn't and explained myself best I could. When your just falling into a hole of crying and immobility, if medication still isn't working, a natural response would be to take your next med earlier and hope you can stretch out a later dosage.

I couldn't handle anything. crying in despair, I even called the day before my appointment, where I would get the instant prescription, and an ablation of both sides of T3-T4. I am now being weened off opiates because he feels I am impossible, i am too tough to deal with and being ahead of a med schedule breaks our agrement and hands me a brochure form for a morphine pump. so I'm trying to find anybody who will listen but pain management people are all out at least a month here, and my primary says its allover his head. how did this get so crazy? does anybody have advice for me? I'm down to 20mg oxycontin, and 20mg oxycodone, with no help in site for well over a month. Surgery for the failed fusion is not for a couple months yet, another primary is scheduled for tomorrow. I don't want drugs!! I want my life back. does anbody have success story or advice for me? I'm a single dad who has a 14 yr old a 15 yr old and a 1 year old with an amazing woman who left a month ago because she's not happy.

Please, I'm on social security, fully disabled for work, barely move from bed, and its getting very prolonged and honestly, lonely and scary place to be. I need a solution that might give me some quality of life, but it keeps getting torn up every time I try something. PLEASE HELP, all advice e is good advice!! Jon

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