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Hello. I've always had lower back & hip pain (years) and stupidly I did not see a doctor. Around the beginning of July that pain got so bad I wasn't able to move as much, then my feet started to burn- intense burning, then I began having intense cramping in the back of my legs at night. Because of an amazing podiatrist! I was directed to a neurologist, then an orthopedic specialist, and even a pain specialist. Each doctor says they "read my scans" and that "by no means should my pain be attributed to my spine."

Around this time (Sept./Oct.) one of my doctors put me on Gabapentin, this was helping but my body seams to quickly grow a tolerance to the dosage increases and the burning is coming back. Also around this time I began to notice if I sat in a certain way I could make my feet instantly go numb (like turning off a light switch). That's when my pain mgmt Dr. said S1 joint, so I began the injections. The first round gave me relief for about 3 days. The second round, nothing. I am so frustrated and living off pain killers that I want to cry. I can't walk, I'm putting on weight, I'm at the mercy of others and my husband looks at me worried all the time. I don't think it's the S1 joint, based on everything I read I should be ok by now...

I think I see a pinched nerve in my spine <in my MRI>. Can someone please, please look at my MRI's and the report and tell me if it's wrong?

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