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Thank you Teteri66! I was hoping you saw my post and responded. I have read many of your posts here and think you really have a handle on what is going on in this scary world of spine surgery. About 25 years ago I was an ortho tech but did not get too involved with the surgical end of it. I was primarily involved with the pre and post op treatment including casting and setting up traction as needed on the hospital beds the patient was in. Loved the work just couldn't live on the low pay. After being a Corpsman in the Navy where I could do stuff only a doctor could do in the civilian world it felt like quite a step down. At the time I didn't want to apply myself to going to college. In hindsight; I now wish I had.

I called the doctors office early this morning for some advice. I really just needed to know if I had something to worry about because the pain IS getting worse and not better. The doctors PA on duty today for the doctors group said there really isn't much more to do at this point except pain management so I will continue to self-medicate as needed with my small pharmacy here at home. Just a little joke there. I'm sure a lot of people can relate to having partial containers of this and that kind of meds left over from being discontinued or changed by the doctor prescribing them.

The really strange thing is I have always been able to find a sweet spot when laying down so the pain is at least lowered to a point I can doze off in. Right now I don't have that and sitting seems to be the sweet spot right now. My legs seem less stable and weaker too. I'm going to try and walk a bit more today to see if that helps at all. At this point it can't hurt unless I fell or something. I have a cane and a walker I borrowed from a local VFW Post so that helps too.

[QUOTE]Also be sure not to bend or twist at the waist. You can bend at the hip joint the way golfers do when retrieving the ball from the cup, a hinged movement, keeping the back straight. [/QUOTE]

Thanks much for this piece of advice. I was wondering about how to pick stuff up from the floor. I knew about keeping the back straight and not twisting but didn't know it would be ok bend at the hip while keeping the back straight. I have just been doing a squat and using my knees to do all the work. It could be why I've been having pain in them since the surgery. I wish I had a video of my surgery even if was just video with no audio using two cameras. One from a distance enough to see the length of the table with me on it and one showing the actual operation. Have you ever wished for the same thing?

Thanks again for taking the time on this Thanksgiving day to respond. Is your name Teri?


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