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I am one year post laminotomy (not laminectomy) of L3, L4, L5 with facet clean out as well. I had a great summer of biking and hiking, etc with minimal issues due to my spine.

However, 2 months post spinal surgery (2/2012),I developed left anterior hip pain. It was like that hip would freeze (with intense pain) after standing for a long period of time, I would sit down and it would resolve itself and improve. I also went into PT for that, which really helped me. (I had learned that after spinal surgery, the deep stabilizing muscles completely shut down-hip flexors take over to we worked on core strength and that did help me a lot).

Since December 4th (exactly one year post surgery), I started getting that left hip pain again. It's gotten worse to the point where my entire left leg doesn't work, the pain is excruciating from sitting to standing or standing to sitting. When I get up from the chair, the pain is burning , I have difficulty straightening out my torso, and then when I put weight on my left leg, that hip just jolts and I have to ease into it. After that, I can evenly distribute my weight on that side. However, my first 6 steps I can't even move that hip...I walk like a penguin and then I am able to walk (sortof...I can walk but it's painful in the hip and SI joint area and VERY stiff).

I have also noticed that my lower spine is cracking a lot more than it used to? My SI joint cracks and crunches a lot too. I'm freaking myself out in thinking that I have Avascular necrosis of the hip.

Everything clicks, snaps and pops from the hip all the way down to the knee and ankle. I went back to PT last week. My sports med doc thinks it's hip flexor I pass all of the tests for hip arthritis. (But a labrium tear would not present in the tests nor the x-ray). My entire left side is weak (glute, leg, torso). My thigh muscles are also in spasm.

Has anyone experienced this? If so, have you come out for the better with conservative treatment? (I've already have 11 ortho surgeries....I don't really want another one...but I can't live like this either).


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