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Ok, ive since gotten my report. I've also been in a nasty car accident.i kinda have bad luck. In the accident they brought me to the trauma center rather then reg hosp because they thought, the emts that is, that i punctured my lung due to my breathing and such swelling in the left side of chest. Emts were close, i fractured my sternum., however the trauma unit managed to miss it.only reason i know is I'm now seeing an excellent ortho surgeon, spine specialist, as i hurt my back worse a well, he ordered a bone scan, i don't have with me, i got a phone call late at night to tell me bone scan found fractured sternum as well as a new mass in right ovary. That mass wasn't there at first follow up of left mass :-( which turned out to be a complex, segmented

I digress. the emergency room mri prior to accident reads as follows:

Imaging limited due to motion artifact (i was crying as laying flat on hard board which intensified pain. One five mg predict was given prior....did nothing )

Bilateral spondylolsis of l5 first degree. There is a left sided spur causing foraminal narrowing. There is a central disc herniation at l4, l5.

Ammendum: the left side foriminal spur/calcifieddisc is noted cimpressingthe keft l5 nerve root

4 days later i had a new mri done at the ortho request, a sitting one so i wouldn't be in severe pain, crying, and to compare before and after accident as he could feel higher up a kind of twisting to one of the vertebrae.not his words, just trying to remember., he started me at physical therapy, thus is prior to bone scan, physical therapy did many tests there. She found my left side to be out if alignment and described the root compression as severe.

I'm curious as to the new mri, but at last i know the cause of my original pain.thank you all for your support, i would'nt have made it thru without.would anyone be in the other tests when i get them, our shall i leave it at this?

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