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I have had extreme chronic muscle spasms in my low back, left glute & left groin for over 12 yrs now. �� The muscle spasms are so painful I can barely walk or stand. No tingling or numbing issues...just extreme muscle pain, burning, etc in the above regions. My MRI showed I had a small tear in my L5 S1 disk & it's degenerative in appearance. I'm feeling pretty hopeless & desperate at this point. I feel like I've tried everything. Have been to so many doctors from physical therapy (2 years straight), chiropratic, 3 epidurals, numerous muscle relaxers that do nothing, airrosti...even acupuncture. Strangely enough the only temporary relief I get is from Xanax. Although it's typically prescribed for anxiety it temporarily takes the edge off my muscle spasms. Also have lots of left knee pain from the muscle spasms in my back flaring up my I.t. Band & illio poas muscle....all on my left side.The most recent diagnostic test performed was a nerve block but it did nothing. Think they may order a disco gram next. Any suggestions. I am 38 yrs old & have a 5 yr old daughter to care for. I am in so much pain I can barely be a mom, wife, etc. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Just joined this board today.

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