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First of all, I would like to say that you have a great site here and a great bunch of members doing a fantastic job. This is my first post and I was attracted to this site due to how friendly and helpful people on here are.

Anyway my issue.

I have lived a last few years in agonizing pain.
I have numb patches all over my lower half, which are there all the time, and the Dr`s dont seem to understand that, they keep thinking these numb patches come and go, but they do not.
My numb patches are:[/U]
[B]Left foot:[/B] left side of foot, two small toes, half of left foot underneath the outer side, the rear of my foot going up my Achilles tendon, I also have no reflex there when doing the test.
Left leg:[/B]
I have numbness behind my left knee, and my left thigh is numb too.

[B]Right leg:[/B]
Im numb from right bum cheek from the top all the way down to my right knee and my right side of my genitals too, the scrotum and the part underneath there too between the legs.

Now this MRI was from 2010 so I can only imagine things have got alot worse, because I have. Is their anyone on here who can turn my MRI report into english so I can understand this at all? also based on this information below can anyone predict what damage might of happened to me since them.
I really appreciate all your help, and again thankyou you are all great.


The vertebral bodies demonstrate normal alignment and return normal signal. The conus terminates normally at L1

There is a mild circumferential disk buldging at L3/4 with minimal effacement of the anterior theca and no impingement of the neural elements.

At L4/5, there is a small central herniation associated with moderate ligamentum flavum hypertrophy with bilateral narrowing of the lateral recesses and impingement of the L5 nerve roots. The L4 nerve root canals are patent.

At L5/S1. there is a right paracentral herniation abutting and compressing the right S1 nerve root and mildly flattening the S1 nerve root. There is minimal narrowing of the L5 nerve root canals but no direct encroachment of the exiting L5 nerve roots.

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