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Upper back pain?
Jan 27, 2014
Seven days ago I was walking up a flight of stairs outdoors in about 10 degree weather and had what I believe to be an asthma attack. It definitely was more than just becoming out of breath. I had to sit for about ten minutes to be able to take full breaths again, but it felt like the bottom of my lungs had been strained and caused a lot of pain.

Over the weekend, I developed a fever and the pain greatly worsened and seemed to spread to my upper back. The fever has broken now, but the pain when drawing a deep breath and the severe back pain remains.

I am a smoker (I know, I'm really trying to quit, I promise) but nothing like this has ever happened before. Side note-I have tried sitting in a hot tub, a back rub, anti inflammatories, and stretching. They've felt nice, but haven't really eased the pain. In fact the back pain is greatly increased when I try to curl into a ball to stretch my back.

Anyone experienced something like this?

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