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Thank you Teteri66 for this valuable information. You mentioned it might be helpful if I included the rest of the info from the CT, so I have noted it in its entirety:

At L2-3 there is no focal herniation or spinal stenosis.

At L3-4 there is quite marked degenerative change in the facet joints and this has led to about 5 mm anterolisthesis of L3 on L4. There is some pseudo-disc bulging in association. There is mild central crowding. AP diameter about a centimeter. Exit foramina are adequate. No disk herniation can be seen.

At L4-5 there is also moderately severe degenerative change in the facet joints which has led to very mild anterolisthesis of L4 with respect to L5, by about 3 mm. There is also mild central crowding at this level, AP diameter about 9 mm. There is mild disc bulging along with pseudo disc bulging at this level.

At L3 S1 there is felt to be posterocentral disc herniation, slightly asymmetrical toward the left side but touching on both S1 nerve roots. Exit foramina appear to be adequate.

There is no grade attached to this report regarding the spondydyolisthesis. Maybe with an MRI it might be shown?

So there it is. I am so grateful to you taking a look at this - you may not be a doctor but in my books you are the next best thing. I find myself at pretty much the end of my rope with this. In the last 3 years things have changed drastically - I find I can manage about 10 minutes of walking in my own house before I have to lie on a heating pad for 1/2 hour (ice doesn't seem to work). I have already tried physio, a massage therapist, Acupuncture twice, and every mild stretching exercise I can think of.

Horsefly is only a village of about 150 and the rest of us live on acreages all around the vicinity of the village. It is 40 miles to the nearest town with banks, grocery stores, hospital etc. but no specialists. Who knew 30 years ago that I would have these challenges now. Grocery shopping is a bit of a nightmare.

Anyway, enough that - I am really hopeful that whoever I choose will be able to make a positive difference. Thanks again for your input.


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