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Unless your friend saw parts of the report other than what I saw, I think she scared you unnecessarily!

Keep in mind that the discs are not the best designed part of the human body. Due to the fact that there is not a direct supply of blood and nutrients to replenish what is there, there is nothing we can do to puff them back up. Given that we walk upright on two legs and must contend with the pressure of gravity pushing down, the discs begin the aging process early the 20s for most people!

Most people show some signs of wear and tear on the discs in the 30s to 40s, the decades when many end up with a bulging or herniated disc.

You will hopefully be able to resolve your issues with conservatives treatments such as a course of physical therapy to strengthen the back and core, oral medication for pain and inflammation and perhaps, a series of epidural steroid injections for the same purpose, if needed.

Learn the proper ways to lift, carrying, bend, etc. so you are not stressing your back. Learn good structural alignment and posture. Try to take care of your spine before you develop worse issues! If you smoke, stop. Drink lots of water
and fluids and try to maintain a healthy weight. These will all help to slow the aging of your discs.

One more thing: lumbar problems seldom lead to becoming paralyzed. Sometimes people end up in a wheelchair because it is too painful to be weight bearing. But the major reason for paralysis is when the spinal cord is injured or impacted in some fashion.

The spinal cord runs from the head down to about the end of the thoracic vertebrae and beginning of the lumbar area. Above this area, if the spinal cord is permanently damaged, one develops paralysis below the level of injury. Below this level, ie., the lumbar and sacral area, nerves may be damaged, but there is no spinal cord to be injured. While it is possible to become paralyzed from a lumbar problem, it is very rare and uncommon. Do not worry about this happening to you.

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