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I'm starting here as I'm not sure if this is a bone/muscle issue or something entirely different - digestion, lungs, heart, etc.

Basically, the symptom is that my back starts to ache. It's not a typical pain when you strain your back muscles, but almost more like my upper back feels "empty" like when you get hunger pangs? I find it really hard to describe, but anyway, it makes walking difficult. Here are some additional things about the issue:

[*]I got it maybe 6 or 7 years ago out of the blue and it went away within weeks.
[*]I got it again last November and it was around for a week or two, then went away, only to return about a week ago.
[*]I can't tie the incidences to anything specific - diet/health/stress.
[*]It seems to be worse when in cold weather, but it happens inside 70-degree temps as well
[*]I had asmtha as a kid but never really bad. Still can't run in cold weather, but otherwise no issues with breathing.
[*]Mentioned it to the doctor when I saw her in November, she did an EKG and breath test just to see but both were fine.
[*]I'm overweight but started a new diet at the beginning of January and am down 10 lbs. During that month I did a LOT of walking - sometimes 5 or 6 miles a day and often in 20-30-degree temps without this issue.
[*]I can walk probably for about 10 or 15 minutes until it becomes so uncomfortable that I have to stop and/or sit.

I think that's most of what I can explain. I've never gotten a real answer as to what this is. I think when I asked about this once before either here or at my doctor's (the original time 6 or 7 years ago), someone suggested indegestion, but I'm eating a very healthy moderate diet and it hasn't changed over the last 5 weeks, yet I've only experienced this over the last week or so.

I'm hoping someone can point me in some direction that would help diagnose what this damn thing is. If I knew then I could at least find the right forum or talk to a doctor about a known condition, but it seems sometimes the biggest hurdle in health/medicine is just getting to a confident diagnosis! :)

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