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Thanks, Nuni.
(the admins forced me to change my username because it "promoted" my website, which is just a blog without any advertizements or such, so sorry, it took me a while to get back on here because their email confirmations kept going to my spam folder).

After you posted that yesterday, it did make me concerned enough to go see the doctor and talk to him, but I had none of the other symptoms of angina and another EKG was normal. He did set me up with a referral to a cardiology center to get a stress test, but his hunch was that it wasn't cardiac, but something else. He did prescribe an asthma inhaler which I need to pick up this morning which he suggested trying out to see if it alleviated the symptoms. He thought it could be due to bronchial spasms that can effect people with asthma in cold seasons.

It is odd in that it sometimes happens almost immediately and sometimes takes time. For example yesterday I walked to the bus stop to pick up my daughter (something like 5-7 minute-walk) and definitely was feeling it fairly soon and pretty bad by the time I got there. On the way back though, I didn't notice it at all until maybe I finally thought about it when we were just getting back home. Likewise, I went shopping last night, then drove home (10 minutes), and so I just got out of the car, checked the mailbox, then went inside and it was already pretty uncomfortable!

I guess the worst thing is that this morning I woke up with something similar that is persisting even when sitting or lying down, gets worse when I walk. I've found that when I drink something, there's some relief but it doesn't last very long.

I'm starting to wonder if it's something that I'm eating or drinking. I've been having a lot of unsweetened hot cocoa (heaping tablespoon every night) and wondering if the alkaloids in that are somehow messing with something. Haven't found anything online about this, so it could be pure fantasy. Just grasping at straws.

We're supposed to be heading into the city today for the day, which is going to be difficult if I'm in pain just sitting!

Will post here if there are any new developments...
Continue to have these symptoms when I walk, but now it seems I'm having them when I lie down in bed. I had to sleep in a sitting position last night because when I sit I don't have the pain. I woke up in the middle of the night and tried lying down and didn't have pain, so was able to sleep lying down for at least part of it, but man, this is really annoying! The fact that I don't have the pain sitting up but do have it lying down somehow gives me the sense that it's not heart-related, but who knows!

I have a consult with a cardiologist scheduled for Friday morning so hopefully he will have more insight and may suggest actual tests other than an EKG.

Oh, also last night I had some wine and felt generally better, but probably was just something that relaxed me a bit and took away some of the anxiety..

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