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Hey on your cervical issues I would definitely post it on the "HealthBoards > Brain & Nervous System > Spinal Cord Disorders " board. WebDozer is one of the veterans on there & is pretty darn good.

One thing for sure is that she'll recommend to get 2, 3 or more opinions.
Like "Teteri66" said, get all of your paperwork & cd's it is the upmost importance that you have your own. And also go to a "fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon or a neurosurgeon who devote their practice to the neck and back. It does make a difference. I went to a "Neurological Consultant" who was a general neurosurgeon. The guy said I had possible "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome". Boy was he wrong! That set me back 9 months to a year before proper treatment was implemented.

You have several things also to be concerned as well like the exaggerated cervical straightened lordosis, all of the discs that are bulged or herniated with thecal sac indentation. Also the rotatory scoliosis is of concern.

One very good thing is this "No congenital canal stenosis is seen."
That means that your spinal canal is of good size.
A normal spinal canal is about 13mm to 15mm.
A congenial narrow one means that it's 10mm or less in size meaning it can cause a simple bulge or herniation tends to be more problematic in a lot of cases.

I am also not sure of the laws where you are at whether the person who is at fault( if there was one at fault). I would certainly consult with a lawyer pertaining to your current & future care as well.
Are you on Long Island? I did a quick Google maps & saw it there possibly.
There have been some on here from the NYC area. There are also some of the best doctors & hospitals as well. I had to go 110 miles to eventually find the hospital & medical professionals I was comfortable with.

You are in a very hard time in your life. I am sure you are in pain & possibly out of work for some time to come. I do wish you the best on your daily life & outcome to this. You can do a lot of research on HB's here for past posts & also to ask new questions. I have done so & have vastly improved what I know now. Also look on other sites for info. You have a lot in store & I do wish you the best.

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