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Findings: modic type 2 changes in l5-s1. Otherwise no abnormal marrow signal. Disc dessication at l2-l3 andl5-s1. Conus appropriately sighted at L1. Some loss of fat in the foramen of L5 s1 on the right side. No obvious comprise of the l5 root. On the left side nerve root is displaced posteriorly. At l5 -s1 generalised disc bulge. This disc bulge in combination with osteophytes, but predominately osteophyte in a far lateral left lateral position results in loss of fat! Then the conclusion says degenerative disc disease with potential for compromise of the left L5 nerve root in a far lateral position, predominately secondary to osteophyte? ? I have looked up in bits and pieces and still none the wiser I am on lyrica tramadol naproxen robaxin diezepan amongst others and totally agony and now I have just found out that I am pregnant! ! I have no idea how to cope me n my partner have 6 kids between us and our youngest is only 10 months but any help would be very grateful thanks x
Welcome to the board. I am sorry you are in pain and having problems with your spine. I hope you will talk with your doctor as I doubt you should be on all that medication when pregnant.

The L5-S1 segment is the last of the movable spinal segments (there are sacral vertebrae and discs but in almost all people they are fused together naturally) and it can get roughed up with a vaginal child birth. Obviously many other things can cause problems at this segment, but I know from personal experience that an 18 hour back labor was the beginning of my back problems!

Here is some general information about your report.

There is disc dessication at L2-L3 and L5-S1. The discs are located between the bones (vertebrae) of the spine that act like cushions and allow movement. There are mainly composed of moisture, which lessens as we age. Dessication indicates these two discs are drying out. This is usually one of the first signs of degeneration of the discs.

There are modic type 2 changes in l5-s1. These are changes in the bone/bone marrow of the vertebrae and the endplates (the area that adjoins the discs). The significant finding is the disc bulge at L5-S1. When the disc bulges, it tends to press out of its normal space and can encroach on adjoining tissue. This can cause the spinal nerve at this level to become irritated or compressed (squished).

"degenerative disc disease with potential for compromise of the left L5 nerve root in a far lateral position, predominately secondary to osteophyte" This is the summary of what I described. The disc is bulging and this, along with some osteophytes (like bone spurs) are likely causing the L5 spinal nerve root to be affected on the left side. Pressure on these lower spinal nerves radiate down into the leg/foot, sometimes groin and/or hip areas, too.

The report does not indicate how large the disc bulge is. The doctor should correlate the MRI with what he finds upon physical exam, neurologic exam and from listening to your description of symptoms and what effect this has on your daily living.

The pregnancy will create additional challenges that your doctors will need to manage.

I wish you the best and hope you can get some relief from the pain.
Thank you very much for the reply has helped understand a lot. Still waiting to see my doctor about my pregnancy I have took tramadol this couple days to be able to get mobile I feel so guilty I only found out I was pregnant on Sunday I wish id of been more careful but my back has worsened already over the past 3 weeks maybe to do with hormones. I cant even lift my baby this few weeks and im due to see a pain clinic to see about epidural injections for the pain. I take it I wont be allowed these either? Right now I dont know how bad ill end up my docs keep brushing me off saying theres no more they can do and im waiting to see if physio willvgive me something to aid me walking. It doesn't state how large the bulge is but says I have leg raises of 50 is this good in their eyes?? I have also been told in another report they were 70 ! Xxxxxx

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