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Thank you so much for your reply!

I got up and walked for a couple of minutes about every 45min-1hour. I guess I need to do that more frequently while at work. I don't really have anywhere at work that I can get totally off my feet other than by sitting.

How far should I be walking on these short, frequent walks to keep from having issues with scar tissue?

At my two week check-up, the Dr prescribed a medrol pack and diclofenac to be taken regularly once the medrol pack was finished. I've been taking the diclofenac twice a day since the medrol pack was finished. I'm terrified of being in pain again so I take it every 12hrs without fail.

I still have some nerve pain in my right leg but nothing like it was prior to the surgery. Before the surgery, it was unbearable, the absolute worst pain I'd ever felt. Now its more of an ache and its not constant, it comes and goes. My drop foot started to recover about 3 weeks after the surgery. Its not completly better but I can walk without a brace and without fear of tripping over my own foot.(I am doing physical therapy twice a week).

I'm wondering if I should ask my Dr to take me back out of work. I'm sure that it will be a complete nightmare dealing with the disability people if I do though. I guess I will call the Dr on Monday and see what he suggests.

Thanks again!
Hi burning is nerve pain. Can you keep ice packs at work? I would do that. Also can you get up more frequently? They also make a pillow with a cut out for the spine I'd get one of those. Its like a U shape in the back of the pillow so that it takes some of the pressure off. Get the thickest one you can

Make sure you are ergonomic when sitting, having your feet either flat on floor or on a box.

Are you taking any nerve pain meds such as neurontin,, lyrica, or topomax? I prefer the latter as its the only one that doesn't add weight and can make you lose. But start at 25mg only at night for two weeks then move up to 50 and I always take it at night. It can make you a little drowsy and forgetful but the side effects level off. I'm on 200 I take it for my back and migraines.

Did you have a brace after surgery? Was thinking you could stick that on when it got bad but dont leave it on long it will weaken your core.

Did you go to pt?

Just be aware that sitting puts 30+% more stress on the discs than any other position, including standing. Could you stand for awhile while doing your job, rather than sitting? Do you have a lunchroom or something where you could bring in one of those zero gravity lounge chairs? You could stretch out for a few minutes during a break just to unload the discs for a few minutes....

Walking is the best exercise to stretch out the little spinal nerves...and you do not need to walk long or far...just enough to change position, get the blood flowing a bit, up a hall and back. Also, if you get up in the night to take meds or use the bathroom, pace back and forth a few times down a hall, or whatever you have available.

Glad to hear your drop foot is responding.

Keep a positive attitude and try not to worry. Just do not try to resume all your old routines and activities right now. If you need to go to work, do that, but let everything else slide. Try to go home after work and get off your feet. It is important to try to minimize the swelling...and all the other things can wait. Healing is your #1 job for now.

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