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Hello, I had an SI joint fusion in June of 2013. The surgery went well or so I thought. Months before the procedure ever took place I informed my orthopedic surgeon that I have a severe metal allergy. So severe in fact that I can only tolerate two types of metals, platinum and 24k gold. Any other metal even hypoallergenic earrings I react to. Yes even copper. I had the IUD which had to be removed. Titanium had a belly ring that would puss and not heal. Nickel makes me break out in hives and ear puss. Well prior to my procedure my doctor assured me that he would use a metal that most people with a severe metal allergy don't react to. In August, I stated breaking out on my rear end. Dark holes. That itch and burn and hurt. September I noticed a knot above the surgery site. Upon going to the doctor he said it was most likely a pinched nerve. I have questioned him on this. They could never give me a straight answer. The breakouts were still happening they were on my bottom, my low back, the surgery site, my upper back, the umm well tailboard area, my shoulders, neck, face, and scalp. I showed them to the doctor he was defiantly concerned. Then i noticed a coated white tongue. Tasting metal. He informed me that these were not at all related to surgery and he doubts that it's a reaction to the screws. My hands stated going numb and tingling. He said that it is because of my cervical raidaopathy. So he called in a metrodose pack steroids to help with the inflammation. They helped for three or four months. After three packs in one month ( they were not taking the swelling away) he stopped prescribing them because again these issues were not related to the surgery. Then my legs and feet started sweeping. Again nothing he could do because not related to the surgery. Still after numerous calls and visits to his office. The staff and doctors all reassured me they used a metal that most people who have metal allergies do not react to. When I questioned them as to what type of metal they used NOONE could give me a straight answer!!! This has been going on for eight long
Months!!! Finally the pain set in, it was severe pain!!! I felt as if there was a vice grip being used on my hip and back fighting pressure!! A throbbing constant pain in the surgery site as well as being stabbed over and over in my hip!! Sharp pains on my tailbone that goes up my back. Upon calling his office I was again told I shouldn't be in that much pain and that it was all in my head. At this point I am BEYOND frustrated and miserable. Finally he wanted me to come in. I went to see him on April 2, 2014 my fiancée went into the appointment with me he recorded the visit and what was said. The doctor again looked at the breakouts and was concerned. I again questioned the metal that was used. Silence. He looked up the manufacturer of the hardware and said that stainless steel was used!!!!!! When my fiancée questioned him as to why he didn't do any metal testing prior to the procedure knowing that I have a severe metal allergy his response was, "It appears that way." Well they wanted to wait until AFTER May 20 to remove the hardware. This whole thing has been issue after issue with him and his staff!!! So after a heated debate I finally have a surgery date for May 12, 2014. The newest issues are I have these pus filled bumps everywhere that puss and bleed and have hard knots. They are everywhere. As well as inside my belly button. If I have an infection my surgeon told me again it isn't related to the hardware or the surgery!!!!!! He isn't concerned!!! What can I do if there is an infection?! How would I prove it's related to the metal allergy and the hardware?? I have a sharp shooting pain in my butt crack where the screws are it is tender and swollen it feels like the screw is poking me.

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