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Hi there.

I am relatively new to the boards here. I am 40 yrs old and was diagnosed with Scheuermanns Kyphosis when I was in my mid-teens (nothing done about it though - not even a back brace, just a "have a nice day, bye now". I also have a slight scoliosis. In 2011 I had excruciating pain like migraine accompanied by neuralgia symptoms that left me totally debilitated and I could not even bear to touch my scalp. Eventually, after a year or pain meds and injections, I got nerve blocks into the facet joint on the right near the greater occipital nerve following an MRI that showed Degenerative Disc Disease at C2/C3 (I think!) and a diagnosis of Occipital Neuralgia.

Now, I'm dealing with the lumbar issues - funny how they fix one problem high up, and another problem appears somewhere else along the spine. I'm experiencing all the same pain issues you're having and my numbness, pain and tingling in my legs are radiating down past my thighs now and into my lower extremities - it's worse on the right side where the bulging discs are (at L4/L5 and L5/S1) - had an MRI recently and the report diagnosed this along with Degenerative Disc Disease, although they cannot confirm the above is causing my pain, despite the agony I am in. My leg, hip and lower back ache like hell and the parasthesia and cold flushes, not to mention the dead leg syndrome, are a living nightmare. I feel about 80 years of age instead of 40, and I'm also being told that the answer to all my prayers is to engage in a Physical Therapy programme to strengthen the muscles supporting my spine and my core in general. I'm not looking forward to it, because every time I move rigorously I end up crippled

The fact that I have very tight hamstrings which is common with Scheuermanns Disease, is going to make things 10 times harder for me, and my back aches all the time when I do physical activities, to the point where I can't function and have to sit down - I'm not a lazy person by the way - I was using my treadmill until I had to stop because of the pain. There is little known about Scheuermanns Kyphosis - it's not generally reported by medics to cause pain, but any sufferer you talk to will tell you otherwise - It's absolute hell!!

It's strange - I did gymnastics and horse riding when I was young and was fit for a long time, now I'm just stiff and crippled and in constant pain. I hope there are some better answers out there for us. My MRI report played down my problems as if it was nothing - they couldn't even categorically confirm evidence of any nerves being pinched, but by God, I beg to differ!

Sorry for the essay - I do tend to get carried away, but I just wanted to tell my story and for others to know they are not alone in this. My Pain Management Specialist is trying to baulk from continued injections and is pushing the referral for PT, as is my Doctor. I'm dreading it to be honest! Anyway, take care and God Bless. Thanks for posting.

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