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Hi - I'm a 40 year old female with Scheuermann's Kyphosis and have been suffering with pain in my neck and back for years. I had severe occipital neuralgia in 2011 and suffered for a year before getting nerve block injections into facet joint at C2-C3 for relief of greater occipital nerve pain. Diagnosed via MRI with degenerative disc disease.

Now I'm in agony for the last few months with my lower back and legs. Basically if I stand or walk for any length of time, my low back stiffens and aches and the pain radiates down into my legs - agonising aching, stabbing and burning pain - with tingling, cold flushes and numbness on the front of my thighs. They are sometimes even sore to the touch. Occasionally, the pain radiates down below my knees and into my feet. Its totally debilitating and I cannot do the exercise I want i.e. use my treadmill, as I end up in agony, especially down the legs. Pain eases when I am sitting or lying down, or when I lean forward and/or stretch each leg - bent at the knee - up towards my abdomen. The doctors are drilling home the "exercise, exercise and more exercise", but while they might have a point, it's just IMPOSSIBLE to do anything with the level of pain and discomfort I have - I feel crippled. Now MRI results are back for lumbar spine and I'm very disappointed that I haven't got a more definitive answer to my pain issues. It reads as follows:

At L4-L5 and L5/S1, there is some mild disc bulging toward the right side without convincing thecal sac or nerve root compression. The conus and cauda equina appear within normal limits. No abnormal spinal mass lesion is seen.

Conclusion: Minimal degenerative disc disease as described above.

Anybody got any answers for me and what do I do now?? I can't even noodle around the shops for more than 10 minutes without ending up totally crippled! Thought there would be some clear evidence from MRI of Spinal Stenosis or something to explain my symptoms.

Thanks for the help!

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