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Hi mary, I know how frustrating this is not to be told & i even felt a bit betrayed, im in texas too. For 17 years i saw & was operated on, lum lams 4, by the same spinal neurosurgeon. I had chronic pain after so had 6-7 MRI's during this time & i was told by NS that they were fine. I was referred to pain mgmt dr & had 30 or so epidural injections & my pm/anes dr didnt help me very much so i changed PM drs & my NS retired & i got my whole chart sent to me. This pm dr diagnosed me with failed back surgery syndrome for 12 years when my dad died my family pressured me to see NS to see if there was a new anything that could possibly help my severe pain so i went to see a new spine NS, had MRI & diagnosed with adhesive arachnoiditis. When i got home i read my chart from NS & arachnoiditis had started showing on my MRI's in 1988 & i was told by new NS in fall 2012! There were notes in my chart passed back & fort between my old NS & 1st pain dr discussing that i was an arach patient & all about it! Even my Pm dr of last 14 years knew & i asked him why he never told me and one he wasnt sure i didnt know but because its incurable, no treatment & the lower half of spinal cord scars down, dies slowly & pain so immensely severe he said he didnt have the heart to tell me! But when arach is caught early enough theres a chance of fixing it but i dont know if that was possible in 1988. One thing is certain having invasive surgeries & epidural injections, nerve blocks etc is & was contraindicated & i had 2 lumbar surgeries & the epidural injections after 1988! So, i know too that i shouldnt have just trusted my drs to tell me but shouldve asked for copies of my reports! But even if i had seen the reports i dont think it was a familar phrase or diagnosis to me so i think i wouldve still been in the dark. So, now i hope that i can save others this trouble by encouraging them to get copies of all testing & imaging for their personal files! Best wishes to you!

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