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I've been dealing with an L5/S1 disc herniation for years. I did the PT and cortisone shots. Occasionally some hydro and oral steroids. Over the years, when it flared up, I steped up my activity and it got better. I was managing my condition.
Last year I tore my left Pectoralis Major tendon and was physically out of commission for several months after surgery to repair that. That's when it all started. I developed pain in my hip that turned to numbness in my foot. It got to the point of unbearable and once I could start training, it was to late.
After two separate doctors opinions, I was told they had never seen a herniation as big as mine recover without surgical intervention. I was told they do the procedure all the time, and I would have a complete recovery and return to my physical lifestyle in no time. After all football players have it done and return to play professional. I chose the doctor that made me feel most comfortable. I asked about fusion which I was told was not even an option. Aside from the herniation, my disc and back were healthy. I had a disectomy, laminectomy and forminotomy.
After surgery, I had two days of pain at the incision, immediate relief of all other symptoms. I was told I could do my own physical therapy because I obviously had plenty of experience with the exercises. Everything was progressing well with the rare ibuprofen for occasional discomfort.
At 6 weeks the doctor cleared me to slowly increase weight I was carrying and I could try jogging. Just listen to my body. I asked when I could return to work and he asked when I thought I could. I replied how about 1 week, I am a police officer in a busy city and I thought the week would give me a chance to start running and get more active.
I started immediately with what I thought was a nice mellow 1 1/2 mile which afterwords felt like someone was tearing my incision open. I seriously backed off, switching to walking and 1/2 mile slow jog which felt pretty good. After getting back to work I was spending the majority of time on my feet.
One week of that and I started waking up in the middle of the night with my left leg on fire. Eventually it calms down after I stand and lay down dozens of times and hours of my life pass. I'm back out of work and when I saw my doctor he said I over did it and hopefully the nerve was just flared up and would calm down. I am now doing physical therapy and taken a prednisone pack. If that gives me any relief, we'll try cortisone shots. It not, I go back for an MRI to check for re-herniation. Ifs that the case, I will glady do surgery over with a lot more conservative recovery. I can not believe the doctor let me start jogging so early and said I really didn't need to do structured PT. I'm kinda disappointed now, as you can imagine my chest surgery took some time to recover but was successful. I just want my life back and the doctor set me back. I'm still holding hope for the PT and the prednisone but it's been two days already. I'm dreading going to sleep now because I know what morning will bring...absolute agony. Any advice, please help.

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