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[QUOTE=snailz;5290113]Hi all, Iv been having a strange pain on the left on side for 8 weeks, its next to the shoulder blade, if I touch it the pain gets worse almost like its tender, the pain also radiates down my ribs, if I touch them they also feel really sore. The worst pain is the bit next to my shoulder blade, its constantly there and appears to get worse after moving about or bending forward is agony. Usually the pain is very mild in the morning and increases once Iv got out of bed. Iv had 2 chest X-rays which were fine, I take naproxen which doesn't help. Iv been to see a chripractor which didn't help either. Does anyone have any experience of this? Thank you.[/QUOTE]

Sounds like you could have a rib head out either in front or back. Or you could have that AND a pinched nerve in your thoracic area.
I had that this spring and felt like I was having heart attacks. I did the full cardiac tests ( not fun) and was pronounced fit as a fiddle.

But was still having the symptoms; remembered reading something on a article I read while searching symptoms that sometimes heart symptoms are from a pinched nerve.
My chiropractor didn't find it or the rib head after the auto accident, so I spent two months finding out it wasn't my heart and thinking "Well? What the H*ell IS it???.

I read up on pinched nerves and started doing my traction stretch and pulled that puppy FREE! There is also a nexus of nerves right under your shoulder blade. I used a tennis ball and laid on it to get at that spot.

Then my chiropractor decided to sprain my lower back/hip/sacrum

I will NOT be returning to him.
Back stuff is very mysterious, so keep on trying to figure it out, but I'll bet it's what I had, or something similar.
I hope you read this, it's been so long and I just stumbled on your post, doing a search,
Stretch it out, girl! Yoga is highly recommended. Sure, it'll hurt a bit but take it slow and once it releases, you'll be a new woman? Man?
Good luck!

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