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I had another MRI 7/2013. It's similar to the report from the 10/2012 report (done 9 mos apart). There were some changes in the following areas:

L3/4: There is right foraminal disc protrusion resulting in mild left neural foraminal stenosis.

L4/5 : There is a prominent left lateral recess and left foraminal disc protrusion with results in moderate left neural foraminal stenosis. This posteriorly displaces the transitioning left L5 nerve root. There is also moderate facet arthropathy at this level.

L5/S1: There is prominent disc osteophyte ridging on the left as well as moderate to severe left facet arthropathy. Findings result in moderate to severe left neural foraminal stenosis. There is also mild to moderate right neural foraminal stenosis.

No paraspinal masses are identified. There is edema within the subcutaneous soft tissues of the lower back.

Note: I had the left side of L5 decompressed.

The comparison of the two reports were interpreted by different radiologists. The first report was more in depth with respect to the findings.

I had an x-ray of bilateral hip/pelvis 3/2013 that reflects the following impression:
- Stable exam with chronic healed fracture deformities of the left superior and inferior pubic rami.
-Mild to moderate asymmetric arthritic changes about the SI joints left greater than right also chronic.

I had the understanding that SI problems are rarely seen on imaging? I'm curious as to what the pelvic CT I'm having on 5/28 will show? My "S" nerves are angry for some reason??? When the pain is dull, it feels like I'm sitting on large bubbly spasms.

I just don't know where else to turn. Although my new surgeon assured that he could help me, I have a fear I'll be left in this disabling condition with no where to turn. My primary said he would refer me to the Mayo Clinic if he had to. I refuse to be left like this. Sometimes I wish someone would shoot me out of my misery. As a chronic pain patient, I cannot go to the ER for pain control. I'm stuck to suffer in this body. I don't think of doing anything rash, just desperate.

Thank you so much for assisting me with this.

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