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I had this back pain for over the month now. It hurts during the day but not at night. It is mostly in the upper back, but than it goes kinda down the spine. Most of the time its just there and it does not usually get worst Sometimes heat helps but sometimes it does not. I tried streching and doing exercises but it doesn't seam to help. I am 47 year old runner who runs at least 50 miles a week.I felt the pain about month ago when I was driving to Vienna marathon. It started hurting in the car and for the next view days. I was afraid that I was not gonna be able to run the race. I tried to rest and lay down and that seamed to help because the pain was almost completely gone and I ran marathon, no problem. After couple of days when I got back home the pain came back and its been pretty much on for the past month or so. I dont feel it at night and there is none in the morning. But as the day progresses the pain comes back. It does not seam to bother me that much when I run. If I cary back pack or ride a bike and lean forward it seams t hurt more. I had scoliosis as child and I think that I still have it now. One of my vertebrae was always kinda sticking out a bit. I have no other pain or condition..
What could this be? Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks in advance!

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