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I have seen posts about a couple of the issues I have, but, I haven't seen any advice on how to ease the pain I'm having.
I felt my left buttock get extremely tight on 4/15 and woke up in excruciating pain from my hip muscle (front of leg) to my knee with no back pain other than my left glute. Long story short, I was on crutches, had CT, xray, and MRI done on my thigh, suffered extreme cramping from a MASSIVE knot at the top of my quad, a bigger knot about dead center that was full of fluid, a pulled groin, and a knot on either side of my quad right above the knee and my shin was numb almost from the knee down.
Took the sports medicine doctor two weeks to send me to the never specialist who diagnosed me almost instantly with a L5 herniated disc. He suggested I do the cortisone shot treatment to which I approved.
I just had my third shot (over thirty days) last week. I'm feeling quite a bit better, rehabbing my leg kind of sucks, but, the knots in my thigh are really loosening up.
Some days are worse than others, but one constant is the pain worsening at bed time. I any get comfortable, I can't get my leg to relax, it cramps and spasms like CRAZY! I've tried ice, I've tried a hot bath (with and without Epsom salt) and nothing seems to work.
My biggest issue now as far as pain goes is in my shin and foot. Until my last shot, it was numb, now however, it feels like an open blister from about halfway down my shin, through the ankle and about half of my foot (all on the inside of the leg).
I'm on Neurotin, cyclobenzaprene, and a prescription anti-inflammatory. I was on Tylenol 3, but, it wasn't really doing much for me as it was so I switched to regular otc Tylenol. NOTHING seems to help this shin pain!! I've only been getting two to four hours of sleep per night in terrible pain. During the first three and a half weeks of this journey, two to four hours were the norm from the pain above my knee, but, I can't take much more.
The ONLY thing that has given me any relief at all from the burning shin is an essential oil, Clove Oil. It certainly helps, but, not as well as I'd like.
I ramble a lot... I meant to make this short, but, here we are.
Do you folks use any over the counter or natural topical pain remedy? I would be more than happy to try just about anything.
I'm just so sick of hurting and REALLY need to get back to work! Short term disability doesn't pay even half of what I'm used to.

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