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My pain has been very sharp if I turn/twist in my back & groin area that happens sometimes probably twice a day. I have pain that radiates down my left leg to my knee and on occasions to the arch of my feet, there have been times that I could not raise my leg, even days where I could not take a step and my husband tried to help me but I would have to let the pain ease up, I used to walk w/my husband but I could not make it around my own block w/out the pain being so back in my lower back I would have to stop and let it ease up before continuing on. My pain bothers me to walk there is a pulling pain in my leg, there is pain in my lower back, I have throbbing pain, burning sensations, spasms. When I am at work it hurts to stand I have to let the pain ease before I take a step, it hurts to sit for long periods of time I start to have spasms, burning sensation and pain radiating in my lower back down my leg it's like a constant tooth ache. There has been at least two times that my I have had tingling/numbness to my toes.
Sweeping, mopping, bending, sitting to long, getting up and down bothers me I have been given medication which sometimes eases the pain but it never goes away, now I am trying epidural injections which have eased the pain but now the pain is coming back.
There has not been a day that I have not been in some type of pain. Worker comps doctors were saying lumbar sprain, but when I got sick of them I started using my private insurance and one doctor actually called me to look at the MRI and showed me the herniated disc in my lower back and the 3 herniated disc in my neck as well. I am just tired of hurting and refuse to go another year in pain.

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