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I went to my chiropractor for an adjustment (usually no drop bed, just a clicker) but she said my right hip was way out and tried to adjust it by dropping the bed & pressing on my hip at least 3 times. By the next day, I was in pain. 2 days later, even more. Had a great idea to roll a cylinder and immediately felt a pop and severe burning. By the next morning, I could not walk without a cane. The spasms were so severe I almost passed out several time over the day. Went to walk in clinic and was told I most likely ruptured a disk and was given a 10 day steroid pack and muscle relaxers.

Out of work for nearly a week and by day 10 finally getting better. 2 1/2 weeks later, got the MRI. Here is what it says:
The Sagittarius images indicate that there is a Schmorl's node involving the superior-inferior endplate of L2. The vertebral bodies otherwise appear morphologically within normal limits with normal height and marrow signal. The intervertebral disc spacing appears to be well preserved. There is disc dehydration between L1, L2, L3, L4,L5 and S1. The spinal canal terminates at L1. The cauda equine is unremarkable. The thecal sac terminates at the second sacral segment.
L1 & L2, no indication of disc herniation, spinal canal stenosis or neural foramina narrowing. l3-4: same as above but then "there is facet joint hyper trophy appreciated with fluid in the right sided facet joint.
L4-5, same as above but "both joints".
L5-S1: there is disc herniation appreciated I the left parasagittal region which is causing foramina narrowing on the left.
IMPRESSION: no indication of a disc herniation or significant spinal canal stenosis appreciated involving the superior most aspect of the lumbar vertebral column however, there is disc herniation appreciated at L5-S1 with herniation to the left lateral cress or foraminal region which I believe is causing impingement upon exiting spinal nerve root.

Of course, I have looked a lot of this up and it looks like back surgery may be in my immediate future. Some sites even say the Schmorl's node can turn out to be maligent. Terrified? Yup. Just had serious should per surgery in December and am still recouping from that! I work full time, sometimes 9-12 hours a day. I have to lay on my floor at times - the pain is so bad.

Anyone else have this type of injury? I know some of it is caused from aging (54).

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