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A corticated ossicle is a little piece of tissue (like cartilage) that has turned into a bony material...kind of similar to a bone spur. It is seen behind C6 and the reporter is suggesting it might be an evulsion fracture....which is where a tendon or ligament tears free from the point of attachment and takes a little piece of bone with it. The bone isn't really broken, but a small piece has torn from the bone. This can happen in a variety of locations all over the body.

A flexion/extension x-ray was performed to check for a spondylolisthesis. None was found, and there are no signs of instability from the cervical vertibrae. But the range of motion is somewhat limited. (movement isn't what it once was....)

There is a mild subluxation on the front side at the T1-T2 segment. This means that the bones at this level are slightly out of alignment.

Is this report from a chiropractor?

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