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New here so I posted in the wrong place the first time i think, anyways.

Sorry to bother anyone but i am kinda stumped reading my medical reports and trying to decipher them online as there are WAY to many answers and everyone completely different!

I was hit by a pickup truck last year as I was walking through a crosswalk and it hit me on my left side driving me into the center of the road. He stopped looked at me then covered his face and took off. The a few months later I was going to see a specialist in another town and was rear-ended and as I pulled over that driver took off as well. Hurting me and my son at that time...... anyways

On my left shoulder I had an MRI\Arthrogram and it showed that i have a full thickness tear of the long head of the biceps tendon with tendon retraction. I can not lift my left arm to the side very high without it popping in my shoulder and sending a sharp shooting pain down my bicep on that arm. As for lifting a jug of milk I can't do it with my left arm.

Now the worst thing is my back from my neck down to my S section of my back. Please help me to understand these results as my pains are getting worse almost weekly and I am getting close to a year from the date this has happened.

- mild bulge at t11-12 with mild anterior effacement of the dura sac. nerve root exit normally.

-L2-3 mild disc space loss, small anterior vertebral endplate osteophytes, trivial diffuse buldgeing of disc annulus which slightly flattens anterior thecal sac. mild right formainal stenosis. mild right facet OA.

-Mid level L4 there is a 6mm nodular soft tissue density prominence arising from the posterior aspect of the vertebral. Midline and adjacent to the basivertebral vein, this mildly focally indents the anterior thecal sac.

-L4-5 slight posterior disc space loss, trivial bulging of the posterior disc annulus

-L5 unilateral right pars interarticularis spondylolytic defect is present, without spondylolisthesis.

-L5-S1 small posterior central focal disc protrusion wich just canotacts anterior thecal sac. Mild multilevel degenerative disc disease is present including a small annular tear.

I have not had another MRI since we were rear ended and before that I was having a hard time walking, loosing feeling in my left leg and sometimes sharp shooting pains down my buttocks strait down the back of my leg causing me to fall over. I can't sit long, stand long or walk too long without pain. I have also developed problems voiding, painful testicles and now my right leg also aches and goes numb in my big toe and the 2 beside it. I can barely sleep because I toss and turn, moaning and groaning all night long in pain no matter where I try to sleep or how much trazadone I take at night.

Sorry this is so long but even my family notices it is getting worse as. When will this come to an end and how ?

Thanks for your patients

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