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Five years ago I tripped over my feet and landed directly on my left hip. I touched it out thinking the pain would subside. It didn't. A few months after I had an X-Ray done of the hip which showed no issues. Off to physical therapy I went and it was decided that my back was weak which was putting too much pressure on my hip. After a couple months I was fine. In the years since then and even before then I would wake up with extreme low back pain, but once I was up and moving around it subsided. If I'd walk long distances, like all day at the zoo, it would stiffen up.

Three months ago I tumbled down about five steps on my butt. Other than the initial jolt, everything was fine. I had a tiny bit of aches and stiffness for a day then nothing. A month and a half ago, the same hip, around the joint would ache. That went away, but if I sat on hard surfaces the left leg would start tingling as if it was falling asleep. If I shifted it would eventually stop tingling. Also the bony part of my pelvis on the left side was quite sore and I was experiencing constant low back pain right around the L4-S1 area. The doctor assessed me and felt like it was my sacroiliac joint.

I had an x-ray of my lumbar spine and hips. The Si joint looks fine, but the radiologist reported that I had "reversal of normal lumbar lordosis and the l5-s1 disc was narrowed." What does this mean? I can find info on the cervical spine being reversed but not the lumbar. Would those issues be causing the leg tingles? What would be the treatment for these issues?

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