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Hi, since December 2013 (just over 6 months) I have had a dull ache in my lower left ribs and a really sore and tender spot which feels like a mass or something dislodged. However, I cannot remember ever having an injury or painful move or anything. It feels like a rib is out of place somehow. The soreness in the middle of my spine is constant and the spine is tender to touch in that area, which if you trace it around to the front, is on about the same level as the ache/soreness. I have mild scoliosis which I have known about since 2010. I used to go to a chiropractor last year but moved to a different area so haven't signed up with a new one. He helped my neck and hip pain but never really sorted my back issues. I was all lopsided and he straightened me out. Since being treated by a chiropractor I am used to bones popping and moving more freely and frequently and if I twist my back to the left I sometimes experience a big "clunk" in the area of my spine that is sore. The "clunk" never hurts and kind of strikes me as a good thing (don't know why?!) I have had an ultrasound of my upper left and right quadrants looking at all my internal organs, liver spleen kidneys etc and it all came back normal. Every morning I wake up early with the pain in my mid back, I'm very stiff and the pain in my side is normally ok first thing, but gets more achey as the day goes on. It is ok somedays but really achey others. Has anyone had a similar experience? I am due for a chest and thoracic X-ray tomorrow. Will the chest X-ray pick up if a rib has dislodged? Any ideas would be greatly welcomed, it's kind of crept up on me rather than a pinpointed injury or incident which I find very odd. I live on a narrowboat on the canal so my life is very active, I jump on and off my boat, I pull the pullcord on my generator which takes some doing, I lift 25kg bags of coal, wood, gas bottles around. I'm 40, female, 133lb (60kg) and active, however I have scoliosis and osteoarthritis with small bony growths in both hips. Arthritis runs in my family. Thank you for any insight into what may be happening here.

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