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Teteri66, the neurologist also is a neurosurgeon. He did my first surgery in '99.

I need to go back to him and see what he thinks. Or maybe I should get a brand new perspective with an orthopedic surgeon.

I also wondered about the hip being related to my gait being changed as a result of my neck issues, etc... It's entirely possible.

Yes, I did have an MRI of my lumbar spine, but 14 years ago. It showed a bulge at L5/S1 and some minor DDD.

This is quite a journey... I have so much to live for: 2 wonderful teen kids, a loving wife, a supportive church family, and a stable, good job I love. However, my emotions are all over the place and I feel many periods of "doom", "anger", and "sadness" every day. then I pull out of it and try harder to be more focused and optimistic. It is quite a roller coaster. The pain is my constant companion and I feel it is driving me closer and closer to the edge of despair every day. I may need to get back on meds. But these come with baggage too. I strongly resist putting things in my body, but I may have to.

I feel like I am compromising either way. No pain relief drives me to places mentally that I cannot handle. But meds change me too... And I hate that... So does my wife. Ahhhhhh! What to do?

One thing I have never tried is a tens unit. Have you tried this? Has anyone else reading this had any success with a tens unit for cervical spondylosis?

Thanks again for letting me get this off my chest. It really helps.

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