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I am a little confused and hope you can clarify the source of foot pain. Because it hurts to sit, do your feet get tired from standing or...??

You are lucky that you feel better after treatment. Often the pain is worse immediately after a PT session! My husband ruptured L5-S1 many years ago. I don't recall how much PT he had, but it took about six months to be healed. Years ago, it was uncommon to perform a discectomy unless the disc herniation was causing bowel or bladder incontinence or there was sudden, severe muscle weakness. Herniated discs can and do heal on their own. It does require some patience as it takes awhile, and one needs to be very diligent about no bending or twisting at the waist, following weight restrictions for lifting and carrying, etc.

Do you wear orthotics or have you had your feet checked to see if you need them? People with disc issues often having issues with structural alignment and postural problems. Proper spinal alignment begins with the feet. You may be compensating for your pain symptoms, which may have taxed some tendons and ligaments.

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