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The pain of course is back pain, my legs go numb sometimes for days.
pain is through my hips (pelvic bone and tail bone) down the sides/back of my legs (basically this is constant)and into my feet. yes there is pain in my groin area at the front of my left but it is not constantly there.
I drove 1hr 30mins each way to get this MRI and that night when i got home i was fully flared unable to climb stairs and walk without extreme pain which lasted almost two weeks.

I am basically tired of this pain, just received two injections into the right facet joint and have to wait until March toget left side done. i am off of work trying to get this to settle down but really my job is 85% sitting and it kills me with pain. They have gotten me a sit/stand work station but as i said in the above post i have issues with sitting, standing and walking. When i do sit, i sit forward or if on a soft couch i lean back. I need to get into a corrected posture but instantly the pressure goes into the spine cause lots of discomfort and eventually into a full flare up as i call it but i should probably be saying excruitating pain.

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