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Back pain for over 2 yrs, quite severe most of the time. Issues with sitting, standing and walking. Using a cane for the most of it recently.

I take 1800 mg of gabapentin and have serious side effects when it comes to staying away or trying to focus seems like a blurrrrrr most times. I just want to sleep!! I also take nortripylene two pills a night to help me sleep but the pain specialist said they are to help numb the nerve endings too.

I have been getting steroid injections for over a year and still need two more for sure into the left facet joint.

This MRI does not state the bone spurs that are around many of the discs that previous ct scans have shown.

I am just trying to figure out where all this pain is coming from as my dr says I should only be feeling 5 out of 10 on the pain scale. Never mind when my leg was numb and foot. They can only guess that the bone spurs are pinching nerves into my legs??? So any help with this info would be a great help. I was almost done typing and hit a button and gone last time, hope this works this time :)

Alignment of the lumbar spine is satisfactory, There is no scoliosis. There is loss of the lumbar lardosis in the upper half of the lumbar spine. The vertebral body heights are maintained. Mild endplate degenerative changes are noted. There are modic type 1 marrow signal changes along the anterior aspect of the lower endplate of L3 and the anterior aspect of the upper endplate of the L4. The marrow signal in L5 is inhomogeneous. in the right side of the T12 there is an area of increased T1/T2 signal in keeping with a hemangioma.

Desiccation of the intervertebral disc is noted. There is mild to moderate narrowing of the L3/4 disc space and moderate diffuse narrowing of the L4/5 disc space. There is a moderate narrowing of the L5/S1 disc.

The axial images of the lumbar spine extend from lower half of the L3 to sacrum. Based on sagittal images there are no disc herniations L1/2 or L2/3. The neural foramina at both of these levels are patent.

At L3/4 there is mild diffuse bulging of the disc annulus there is straightening of the posterior margin of the disc. There is flattening of the anterior margin of the thecal sac. CSF is maintained within the thecal sac. There is mild narrowing of the nrural foramina. The exiting L3 nerve roots focally appear to abut the facets as they exit through the nural foramina. The nerve roots are not dispaces and do not appear to be compressed.

At L4/5 there is mild bulging of the disc annulus. There is very mild narrowing of the left lateral recess of the spinal canal. There is no displacement of the traversing nerve roots. CSF is maintained in the thecal sac. There is narrowing of the neural foramina. The disc is encroaching into the inferior recesses of the neural foramina. Neural foraminal narrowing is more marked on the left side however the exiting nerve roots do not appear to be compressed or displaced.

At L5/S1 there are no disc herniations. Very low signal is noted in the disc in keeping with vacuum phenomenon. There is no compression of the thecal sac or traversing nerve roots. Mild facet joint degenerative changes are present on the left side. There is narrowing of the left neural foramen. The perineural fat surround the left exiting L5 nerve root is effaced but there is no definite compression or displacement of the left exiting L5 nerve root. There is no compression of the right exiting L5 nerve root.


There is evidence of multilevel degenerative disc disease with narrowing of the disc spaces at L3/4, L4/5 and L5/S1 and desiccation of all of the intervertebral discs. Mild bulging of the dis annulus is noted. There are no focal disc herniations. While there is narrowing of several of the neural foramina there is no definite neural compromise,.

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