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I had a fall two years ago that resulted in disk herniation at L5/S1. The pain after almost around a year subsided and i thought its gone but then again started again. I have pain in my calves and feet and sometime in hips as well.

I have been to neurosurgeons, some suggested surgery and others were like you dont need surgery at all. As per the ones that didn't advise surgery, exercise was my way to recovery. With the anti inflammatory medicine and some multi vitamins i continued my life with a change in job, then leaving that job due to its requirement of physical work and now to almost jobless situation. The thing is after two years i feel i am at crossroads to have surgery or not. Doctors are conflicting in their own way and i don't blame them as each one has and can have their own opinion. But the thing is my healing, my recovery. I am almost 30, just when i was about to have a good promotion, start earning good money, get married, help my parents/family/people around me, be a part of their solutions to problems, contribute to society, excel in basketball; there came sciatica and it grounded me( I believe each one dealing with spine injuries has their own background).

The anti inflammtory medicines after some time started to have a reverse effect on my stomach so i stopped them. Despite the pain in legs and feet, i don't want my stomach to go wrong way. In past 4-5 months i have avoided them at all and am only taking multi vitamins(is it good or bad to leave anti inflammatory medicines, do they help in disc healing or only reduces the pain ).

I am doing stretching ,strengthening back and core muscles exercises but im not so sure if they are helping at all. Just for reference I have attached my spine MRI just to get a comparison from other members how do it compares to their scans. Does this herniation asks for a surgey. This MRI was done two years.

My MRI report was, I have deleted the parts where its findings are normal.

[B]CLINICAL DETAIL[/B]: Low back pain with left sciatica.
Multiplanar and multisequential imaging of the lumbar spine done.

Vertebrae are normal in height and alignment. Normal marrow signal in the vertebral
body and posterior elements.
There is straightening of the lumbar spine, which may be due to muscle spasm.
[B]L5-S1 disc[/B]: Has loss of T2 signal, dehydration and there is diffuse disc bulge with a small posterocentral protrusion, which is indenting the thecal sac and there is
narrowing of the left neural foramina in its inferior aspect. There is also indentation on the bilateral pre-exiting nerve roots.

Discal degenerative changes at L5-S1 indenting the thecal sac and bilateral pre-exiting
nerve roots. No disc herniation or bulge elsewhere. Rest of the lumbar disc reveal normal
T2 signal.


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