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I rec'd this MRI 4/21/14

FINDINGS: Transitional lumbrosacral segment is designated as partially lumbarized S1 vertebra to be consistent with the nomenclature used on prior MRI report. The conus medullaris is normal in contour and terminated at L2. There is upper lumbar dextroscoliosis and lower lumbar levoscoliosis as before.

L3-L4: Disc bulge results in mild canal and mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing.

L4-5: Disc bulge and left posterolateral annular fissure are noted. There is mild ventral canal narrowing. Mild right greater than left neural foraminal narrowing. Facet arthropathy noted.

L5-S1: Disc bulge and severe facet degenerative changes on the right side. Moderate right neural foraminal narrowing reidentified with contact of the exiting right L5 nerve root. Minimal ventral canal narrowing is seen.

No paravertebral soft tissue abnormality is detected.

Impression: Scoliosis and multilevel degenerative disc disease. There has been little interval change compared to the prior MRI of 2/21/07.

I am 65yrs young. I was a very avid walker. I began getting more and more pain in my lower right side. Progressively so bad that I went to a neurologist about 6 months ago. The neurologist sent me to PT where they used decompression machine and 20 minutes of lower back rubbing. My problem only got worse.

The neurologist sent me for 2 epidurals. Didn't do a darn thing.

Now he is recommending 4-6hr operation to straighten my scoliosis in my back.

I have asked him for a referral to accupunture but i refuse to let him do the surgery.

Yet the pain is so intense its now 24/7. Naprosyn doesnt even touch it. And i refuse to use Oxycontin. I have a few questions if anyone can help.

1) What does the MRI mean?
2) Should I be getting a CT Scan? (it hasn't been done)
3) For a second opinion --- should i go see another neurosurgeon or a spinal clinic?
4) I am now on Medicare and fortunate enought to have the availability to go to the Cleveland Clinic or Mayo Clinic. I am in such bad pain i believe i will go there even if it is quite a long ride. What kind of MD in what department do you think i should ask for? Is it Orthopedic or Neurosurgeon. sorry about the length of this note. Thanks for any advice....

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