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Hello, I suffer from a back problem where my neck is off center to the right and my spine is curved. From top to bottom, my spine curves to the left, straightens up and twists towards my hips, and finally curves slightly to the left, causing my ribs and shoulders to be uneven. Doctors say itís minor Scoliosis, while specialists say itís a deformity I was born with. I didnít have any problems when I was a child, but these past few years Iíve been dealing with a lot of different problems which may or may not be related to the spinal abnormalities. I get chronic headaches due to upper body tension, neck, shoulder, back and rib pain. Sometimes my lower back and body goes numb (which could be due to having the shingles a couple years ago, and restless legs inherited from my family) and my shoulders dislocate on average once a week or so due to being so weak. When my ribs are in pain, I get sharp pains through my chest and often struggle to breathe heavily without these pains. Every now and then I have periods of time lasting from a day to a couple weeks where I have a lot of back, neck and rib pain, my shoulders dislocate more frequently, I suffer from day long migraines and occasionally I get bruising around the shoulder blade and particular sections of my ribcage. Iíve tried various doctors, specialists and physiotherapists, different pain killers and physical therapy for about a year, but instead of helping I felt these things either gave temporary relief, a lot of pain with no improvement or no changes at all. I don't have a lot of money to spend on seeing various practitioners in different professions that may or may not be able to help me, so Iíve come to the internet in the hope of finding out the reasons behind the source of my pain, as well as some information about where to go and how to treat it. I'm particularly concerned about my shoulders dislocating so often, as it is becoming more frequent. If anyone has any information to share regarding my current problem, I would greatly appreciate it.

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