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Hi all,

I'm at wits end, and I just can't find relief. December 2011 I was in a low speed rear end car accident. I took more damage then my car did, because I saw it coming and braced for it. I was diagnosed with soft tissue damage and whiplash. The first year was the worst, I did massage, chiropractic, physical therapy and even once tried a cortisone shot (never ever again). I only found some relief with the chiropractic so I stuck with that until the insurance money was up and I lost my Healthcare end of 2013 when I turned 26.

I started studying yoga in 2014, and it actually helped immensely. I even got certified to teach in the fall, and have been so excited to be able to finally have mostly consistent relief, and be able to work again (I am a professional dance teacher, and now also yoga). I'd still get the occasional headache or tightness in my neck and upper back (mainly focused to my left trapezoid), but it was easily remedied by ibuprofen, an ice pack, and yoga.

The 9th of this month, I slept funny and woke up in as much pain as the first week of my accident. I have very limited Healthcare now so I found a chiropractor who would see me (because a doctor would just pump me full of painkillers and send me on my way), and I've been adjusted several times now. We also tried acupuncture, which I'm not sure helped yet, but I'm open to it. I was feeling so much better until yesterday morning. I woke up, sat on the edge of my bed and went to stretch my arms up slowly and I felt something slide in my mid upper back and was instantly crippled in pain and immobility.

I went to the chiro first thing, and they did some muscle work and a small adjustment, but everything is so inflamed. I return tomorrow again. I'm a bit more mobile today but still in lots of pain. What worries me is for the first time I'm getting chest pain with it, and also twinges of pain in other joints of my body like my hands, knees, elbows, etc.

I don't know why this keeps happening and what I need to do to be at least mostly rid of it? It seems to be worse in the cold weather (im in a snowy area). I stay safely active, I don't overdo it, I stick with my stretches and strengthening exercises, I'm back at the chiropractor, I have decent posture and I eat fairly healthy. I just don't get it.

Are there conditions or disorders with these symptoms I should be looking into? Is there something I'm missing? I am so desperate for relief, thanks for hearing me out.

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