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Two hands gives you some good information. It is very unusual to do a laminectomy on two or more spinal segments without fusing the area. When the lamina is removed to make room for the compressed nerves, it can create instability. When the spine is unstable, spinal nerve roots get pinched.

I think you need to become more pro active. Since I do not know what kind of relationship you have with your surgeon, it is difficult to make suggestions...but you need to do more than listening to your surgeon tell you that all this is normal and that it will eventually get better.

It is true that nerves are very sensitive, get annoyed easily when touched or lifted during surgery, etc. but, it is equally true that the longer a nerve is compressed, the greater the chance for permanent damage. Since the surgeon tore the dura and told you this is common, he may be protecting his reputation rather than giving you truthful information. I doubt another surgeon would take a look at your case so soon after surgery, but you need to somehow really keep on top of what is going on.

Perhaps you could see a neurologist or a physiatrist for an opinion. Be sure to request the operating room notes from your surgery. You can get them by calling the Medical Records office of your hospital where surgery was performed. Make a personal file and make a point of keeping copies of all tests, MRI reports and disks, etc.

Be sure you take frequent, short walks, around your house if you cannot walk outside. It is important that you do what you can to keep scar tissue from attaching to a nerve while you are recovering...especially during the first twelve weeks post surgery.

I am really sorry this happened to you. Try to keep positive and stay on top of not sit around and just hope that things will get better.

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