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My father (49yo) had a spinal fusion (posterior) at L5/S1 last year June to treat a severely bulging/thinning disc which was causing the bones/joints to rub against each other and have foraminal issues. There wasn't much sciatica but it seemed to be constant mechanical pain. Upper levels aren't the greatest and have some bulges.

Fast forward ~8 months and things are going ok but slowly. I have a few questions to what issues we are facing now if that's ok:

- Dad never really quite recovered his normal breathing ability. Is this normal? It's most problematic at night where he can't settle on one position and has to keep moving. Restlessness. There is also shortness of breath and he describes it as having to constantly tell his brain to breathe properly. I hope it's not the mattress but what else could that restlessness come from? There is no real pain but just anxiety I think.

- Fusion has actually been going well and union has nearly occured. However, he still has trouble sitting down for more than 20 mins without getting a stiffness/pain in the left side of his lower back. Is this a normal thing to experience post fusion i.e. is this the aftereffects of the fusion/instrumentation?

I'll add more when I think of other questions/concerns. The most important thing now is the breathing issue. He is going to his GP tomorrow to get his heart checked just in case. He is currently attending a pain management program which is going well. Perhaps he needs to get training to meditate and learn to breathe properly.

Thanks all.

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