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... Mollie, you need to call your doctor. There is a danger of blood clotting after major surgery and you really need to watch out for this! I doubt it's the cessation of the Neurtontin, but you had MAJOR surgery and the surgeon needs to be the person monitoring you, not strangers on the boards.... Good luck! Spondymom (6 replies)
... feet mostly in the evening and at night. It is driving me crazy and can't sleep. Anyone else experience this? ... (6 replies)
Aching Legs
Mar 26, 2008
... i have the same symptoms. no back pain from surgery just legs aching. not bad during the day but trying to sleep at night uncomfortable. only 1 month out of surgery though. started walking a mile 1 week out hoping that would help the recovery will see. ... (2 replies)

... Hi Molly .. sorry to hear about the achey legs .. that happened to me also .. it was like I ran the marathon without training .. it felt like my legs were beaten up .. This was explained to me .. when they open you up and move the nerve aside this stretches the nerve causeing the pain inboth legs .. ... (6 replies)
... but I'm still up all night and in pain all day. ... (4 replies)
Restless Legs
Aug 16, 2004
... I know all to well what you are going through with your legs. Since childhood I have always had trouble with my legs aching a lot, but nothing compared to what I deal with now. ... (19 replies)
Restless Legs
Aug 16, 2004
... My question is that I am having some problems with me legs and wondering if anyone else can relate. I had some similar problems before surgery but assumed it would clear up since everything else is improved. ... (19 replies)
... t feel my foot or leg at all. ... (10 replies)
... t since I had 2 level 4 weeks ago I woke up with pain in my left foot and calf. I did have tngling but that was gone before I left the hosp. I now just have deep aching and blurning when I stand on it. I have the sunburned feeling across the top of my foot and toes too. I see that they left u at a grade 2 spondy. ... (13 replies)
... op. I went to PT after 4 weeks and was back at work. ... (803 replies)
... op. I went to PT after 4 weeks and was back at work. ... (803 replies)
... I will give this a try and I will go as far as my aching body will allow me. ... (3 replies)
... sometimes waking me during my sleep. I often wake at night to find I'm in extreme pain and my limbs are often numb! It hurts to even turnover in bed. ... (12 replies)
... is at its worst in my calves, I have long felt achiness in my arches, but not toes. ... (10 replies)
... Leg and feet pain at night can be caused by claudication. ... (10 replies)
... I just had surgery March 23rd and I have had spasms. Also I have had shooting pains that start at my hips and go down to my feet causing me to almost collapse. Luckily I have a caregiver helping me medically and with my baby. ... (16 replies)
... eds.... so now I can tell her really for sure the effect the meds are having, or not having I should say.... I am on 10mg Methadone...3 x a day.... Zanaflex... 2 at bed time... and Prosom.. 2 at bedtime to help me sleep... and I still wake up at night in terrible pain.... ... (16 replies)
... I personally would have had trouble sleeping at night because from nervousness but I think that's ok for you as it sounds as though sleep may not have been too high on your agenda anyway heh! ... (28 replies)
Jun 4, 2012
... gery on May 17,2012. I was released from the hospital on May 20th. I felt like I was doing great for the first week and a half. On May 28th I started waking up at night with extreme leg pain. It's a very deep, aching, burning pain. It is always both legs but some nights is mostly behind my knees. ... (33 replies)
... I had extreme muscle cramping start at night about day 5 and was up everynight crying and walking with my walker trying to deal with the pain. ... (5 replies)

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