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... rned that my fusion has failed I can't help but want you to really force a discussion as to why you would accept donor bone when it is known to have such a lower success rate. ... (8 replies)
... o lessen the stress to my back. Having those muscles compromised was very hard for me. However, even though it may be harder to recover from, there is a higher success rate going in through the front. The highest success rate is doing the 360. ... (10 replies)
... Sorry I don't have any info about bmp- had never heard about until recently on here, but my surgery was 10 yrs ago. And I had a 360 lumbar fusion on l4-5 ( and I've never seen anyone mention that word on here either) they went posterior & also anterior( I have screws in the back & one strange looking screw all by itself on front?) anyway the only reason Im putting my 2 cents... (5 replies)

... surgery this summer and I am wondering what people out there know about the success rate of fusion with BMP. ... (5 replies)
... Hi all :wave: I was wondering if anyone out there has had this surgery (ALIF & PLIF). I believe this is the surgery that my surgeon is suggesting and wanted to hear if anyone has any input on the combination surgery. I've done my share of research and am looking for a human point of view as apposed to a clinical point of view. The only thing I have found to be an... (3 replies)
... I too am scheduled for the ALIF on June 22nd, they will be replacing L5S1 and L4L5 with titanium cages and fusing. ... (21 replies)
ALIF anyone?
Feb 23, 2007
... Harmony, I had the 360, both anterior and posterior. The front approach is harder to recover from, but the success rate is higher. There may be a number of reasons why they'd choose one method over another, including past surgeries, existing scar tissue, and other anomalies. ... (24 replies)
... cover from and more painful, but others here have said the back incision was much worse for them. The benefit of the 360 is that it has proven to have a greater success rate, but of course, two incisions are harder to recover from than just one. ... (6 replies)
ALIF Tuesday
Mar 25, 2007
... Generally, anterior has a higher success rate but is harder to recover from. Not true for everyone, but the rule proved true for me. ... (15 replies)
ALIF anyone?
Feb 28, 2007
... hoping my pain is less like Carol's and knowing also it most of the time has a better success rate like you said Emily. ... (24 replies)
ALIF anyone?
Feb 25, 2007
... everything and then moved it all back, which is probably part of why it was painful. Everything got stretched up and the nerves moved around. But with a higher success rate, I'd opt for that way again if I had to. ... (24 replies)
... oons in the front have a much higher success rate. There are several important theoretical advantages of the ALIF combined with cages. ... (10 replies)
... The 360 has a higher success rate, but that's not necessarily the deciding factor in whether to do it that way or just one incision, either ALIF or PLIF. ... (18 replies)
Just waiting
Nov 2, 2007
... the pain, what I would need when I left the hospital etc. For example he said I would be in somewhat more pain than I am in now...from what I have read about a ALIF this is nonsense! ... (5 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. Both neuro will prescribe brace and bone simulator to improve my fusion rate. But the ortho do not. What is your opinion on neuro and ortho. surgeons. Who would or did you pick to do your surgeries? What do you think of the 360 on L4-L5 and PLF on L5-S1. Do I need to fuse from the front on L4-L5 in addition of fusing the back? I found the... (54 replies)
... Is there a success rate difference on either fusion? ... (6 replies)
... I know with the surgery he is talking about(360 front/back) has a better than 90% success rate....I went in today to see if I possibly had any fusion and didnt but Im only 8 weeks post op.....he is very confident I will fuse....Im posting to give good feedback on my two level lumbar 360.....I never had much for is a tough recovery but I love my results at... (4 replies)
... In my case, I am waiting on the ADR procedures to be approved by the FDA. I have seen several neurosugeons and they have recommended me for ALIF which is a form of the minimum invasive procedure. But it is still not high on my priority list. ... (8 replies)
... S1 ALIF surgery 5 weeks ago. When my surgeon first suggested surgery, my first reaction was "I'm too young!". ... (3 replies)

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